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Hy-Deia Walker

Community Outreach Contractor Apprentice Cooperative Developer

She/her pronouns

Hy-Deia is a community curator, communications and social media manager, and self proclaimed “Gift of Gab Guru.” She graduated with her Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from SUNY Brockport. Hy-Deia uses her personality and skillset to connect with people through public speaking, spoken word & slam poetry, and building authentic connections. On the side, she is a tarot reader and professional astrologer with an online business “The Haus of Indigo,” dedicated to the spiritual healing and development of Black & Brown People. She co-founded The Healing Grounds Co-op Cafe and community space and is currently training to become a cooperative developer, using all that she’s learned from building cooperatives as a worker to mentor and coach.

Hy-Deia Walker
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