About Us

 Our Mission: 
 We mobilize workers to achieve economic security 
 through cooperative business ownership, generating 
 wealth and power in communities most affected 
 by inequality. 

There is an economic shift underway, toward an economy that is community-controlled, sustainable, and just. We're proud to be among those building this New Economy in Buffalo.


It's well known that worker cooperatives can provide living-wage jobs, generate and retain community wealth, and cultivate leadership in communities most affected by inequality. That's where we focus our efforts. Through popular education, business training and incubation, non-extractive loans, and ecosystem development, our programs grow employee-owned businesses. 

Our Affiliations


Seed Commons is built on the bedrock of The Working World.  Place-based organizations from across the US have come together to build a national infrastructure of co-op lending and non-extractive finance.


The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) is the national grassroots membership organization for worker cooperatives, including more than 350 members representing 10,000 US workers.


Workers to Owners Collaborative, a national collaborative of co-op developers and support organizations working together to bring worker ownership to scale through conversions of existing businesses.


The Crossroads Coalition, a coalition of community based organizations that operates at the intersection of climate, economic, and racial justice, fighting for a Just Transition to a New Economy in Buffalo, New York.


The New Economy Coalition is a membership-based network representing the solidarity economy movement in the US, focused on the transition of our economic system from capitalism to a solidarity economy.


The NYS Community Equity Agenda calls for policies and actions that transform our fundamentally unjust social, political and economic systems, putting racial and economic justice front and center.