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Start a Co-op

Do you have an idea for a cooperative? A draft of a business plan? A team of aspiring co-op entrepreneurs in Buffalo or Western New York? We want to help you get started!


If you're ready to start a worker cooperative or other shared ownership project, start by reviewing the four resources below. These will answer most basic questions about the co-op model, how to get started, and the loan capital that we offer to local co-ops. Also check out our Workshops page for upcoming training opportunities.

Then, fill out the inquiry form below to set up an initial consultation with one of our Cooperative Developers. We will match you with the support that you need to get started, and if you're a good fit for our incubator, we will begin working with you to complete an intake form for in-depth start-up assistance.


What is a Worker Cooperative?

Here's some basic information about the worker cooperative model.

Cooperative Start-up Checklist

Use this checklist to plan your cooperative

start-up one step at a time.

The 7 Cooperative Principles

Learn about the 7 principles that cooperatives across the globe share in common.

About Non-Extractive Lending

Learn how we lend to cooperatives as members of Seed Commons.


Tell Us About Your Cooperative Start-up!

Fill out our start-up inquiry form. It will provide us with a starting point to understand your co-op project, determine eligibility, and match you with a Cooperative Developer. We will reach out to you to schedule an initial consultation after we receive your answers.

Meet Our Co-ops

For examples of some of the cooperatives that we've supported with non-extractive loans, with our incubator services, and as participants in our Cooperative Academy training program, check out our co-ops here.

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