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Sell Your Business

Are you a business owner considering options for succession planning? If you agree with one or more of the following statements, conversion to employee ownership is worth exploring for your company:

I want the positive impacts I’ve built into my business – good jobs, connection to community, best practices in our sector – to last beyond my time as the owner.

I believe the risks and rewards of ownership can reinforce a culture of high quality work and shared responsibility that improves productivity and the bottom line.

I want to receive a fair value from the sale of the business I have built and feel the employees may value the company as much, or more, than an outside buyer.

Cooperation Buffalo and our conversion program can help bring a transition to worker ownership within reach for retiring or exiting business owners. Our non-extractive financing is accompanied by the technical assistance needed to ensure a successful transition for your employees.


First, read the resources linked below to learn about employee ownership, the conversion process, and our financing. Then, fill out the confidential inquiry form below for a free consultation.


Becoming Employee Owned

Review this step-by-step toolkit from our partners Democracy at Work Institute.

About Non-Extractive Lending

Learn how we lend to cooperatives as members of Seed Commons.


Schedule a Free Consultation

Fill out our conversion inquiry form. All information submitted on this form will remain confidential. We will reach out to you to schedule an initial consultation after we receive your answers.

Meet Our Co-ops

For examples of some of the cooperatives that we've supported with non-extractive loans, with our incubator services, and as participants in our Cooperative Academy training program, check out our co-ops here.

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