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This holiday season, Cooperation Buffalo invites you to #ShopCoopBFLO from the following small, local, cooperatively owned businesses rooted in our community. Our local co-ops offer a wide array of services and products, and meet important community needs. Join the co-op movement today!

Are you a co-op in Buffalo or Western New York with products or services to add to #ShopCoopBFLO? Click here to add to the list

Check out these promotions from our featured co-ops and #ShopCoopBFLO!

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We offer a holiday goodie preorder! Come shop our variety of bread, pastries and prepared goods available for holiday spreads -- AND we also have our merch available for nationwide shipping online from our website!

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Stop by and learn about Buffalo's first worker-owned childcare cooperative. We are always looking to enroll children, and hire staff! 


Stop by and pick up fresh basil, harvested weekly and can be found in stores near you! 

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Stop by for a warm beverage and our plant based gluten free cinnamon rolls! AND learn about all of our upcoming events!


Learn about our credit union! Sign up and receive a free balance transfer credit card! A fresh start for the New Year. 

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We have Extra Extra gift cards (what's better than the gift of fresh pizza?) and plenty of merchandise! This includes custom items such as drippy pizza slice pins; branded stickers; branded clothing items in inclusive sizing, and more!

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