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Kathryn Franco


She/her pronouns

Kathryn is a lover of community and connection. Having been raised in Buffalo, she is a proud product of Buffalo Public Schools and has witnessed the many changes to her city over the last decade. Having worked in non-profits ranging from medical to a non profit law firm, Kathryn has been a lifelong advocate. From policy work focused on racial and economic justice, to individual practice- Kathryn believes in the intersectionality of our lives and thus the need to make sure our solutions to problems are equally holistic. As a licensed social worker with a background in public health, Kathryn sees the path to improve people's quality of life as an improvement in access to resources, community control, and cooperative economics. Currently Kathryn works at the University at Buffalo and is constantly engaging in ways that will better Buffalo, by centering everyday Buffalonians in the work.

Kathryn Franco
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