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Tori Kuper


She/her pronouns

Tori is dedicated to growing people, business, and community. Tori is a Cooperative Developer and Board President of Cooperation Buffalo and is also the Operations Coordinator for the New Economy Coalition, where she organized logistics and programming for CommonBound 2016 and 2018. She is part of the 2016 Democracy at Work Institute Cooperative Developer Fellowship Program. In Buffalo, she is a founder of BreadHive Worker Cooperative Bakery; former member, President, and Treasurer of Nickel City Housing Cooperative; and founder of The Buffalo Barn Raisers. She wrote the Worker Cooperative Resolution passed by the Buffalo Common Council in 2014, and is currently working to advance statewide legislation to support worker cooperative development. Nationally, she has sat on the Property and Education Boards for North American Students of Cooperation, where she sat on the Inclusion Committee and led board trainings in anti-oppression. She has led several co-op themed workshops, lectures, and speaking engagements, and enjoys providing new cooperatives with peer support.

Tori Kuper
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