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Tori Kuper


She/her pronouns

Tori Kuper is the Treasurer and co-founder of Cooperation Buffalo. Tori serves as Director for the School for Democratic Management at the Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) where she supports the growing field of worker cooperative managers and technical assistance providers with the training, education, and tools they need to thrive. Tori has spent fifteen years building democratic organizations that increase worker power. She co-founded BreadHive Worker Cooperative, re-catalyzing the worker cooperative movement in Buffalo, NY. Most recently, she was the Membership Director at New Economy Coalition, where she spent seven years building power and momentum for the solidarity economy movement in the US. At NEC, she played a central role in planning and executing CommonBound conferences, developing the Pathway to a People's Economy policy toolkit, launching Rural Power Coalition, and facilitating NEC's conversion to a democratic workplace. Tori has served on the boards of RIPESS: The Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social Solidarity Economy, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, North American Students of Cooperation, US Solidarity Economy Network, and is currently on the Stewardship Council for the Nonprofit Democracy Network. She holds a Master's Degree from New York University and is a graduate of DAWI's Participatory Management Certificate Program with Rutgers University.

Tori Kuper
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