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"Re-imagining Main Street" on #SBDCDay

As small business owners navigate an ever-changing landscape, Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) continue to support and elevate their clients through innovative at-cost training programs and free advising strategies. Nearly 1,000 SBDCs can be found across the United States and its territories, serving clients virtually and from their centers in host institutions like universities and chambers.

To celebrate the collective impact and success SBDCs have across the nation, and in local communities each year, America’s SBDCs are hosting the seventh annual SBDC Day on March 15th. SBDC Day is a national movement to help share the small business success stories and notable impact SBDCs have fostered nationwide.

The theme for SBDC Day 2023 is “Re-imagining Main Street," which perfectly describes the impact of Cooperation Buffalo's relationship with our local SBDC at Buffalo State University. For the past 7 years, Cooperation Buffalo has worked closely with Buffalo SBDC advisors to leverage professional business and financial planning support for our co-op clients as they embark on re-imagining their workplaces and local economy through employee ownership and other cooperative business structures.

"The foundational support of the Buffalo SBDC has given our employee-owned and member-controlled co-ops critical training and infrastructure to build resilient, locally owned, and community controlled small businesses that are generating wealth and providing good jobs in our region," explained Andrew Delmonte, Executive Director of Cooperation Buffalo. "The Main Street Employee Ownership Act directed the Small Business Administration to promote worker co-ops and other employee ownership models through the work of SBDCs, and we look forward to continuing to grow the employee-owned economy in Buffalo and Western New York with SBDC's support."

“Through adversity, we strengthen and grow, and nothing could be truer for the SBDC network and its thousands of clients this past year,” said Charles “Tee” Rowe, President & CEO of America’s SBDC. “This SBDC Day, we are celebrating the SBDC network’s reimagined approach to doing business and its direct positive impact on Main Streets all across America.”

Check out the latest America’s SBDC Annual Report to read about hundreds of small businesses and how their small businesses thrived with the help of their local SBDC. According to the most recent Chrisman Survey, which collected data from SBDC clients in 2020-2021, America’s SBDCs provide measurable economic results. Nationwide SBDCs helped generate; 85,094 jobs, $10.1 billion in sales growth; $7.7 billion in capital investments; and started 14,487 new businesses.

To learn more about SBDC Day and its SBDC Ambassadors, visit To join the conversation online, follow the hashtag #SBDCDAY.

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